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All About Me!

Cheryl Stinson Rodo was born in Saskatchewan, Canada and she currently splits her time between Toronto Ontario and Fort Worth Texas. She obtained her undergraduate degree from The University of Toronto and her Masters from California Coast University. Cheryl's ability in handling different mediums has helped her achieve international recognition for her art work. Since childhood, Rodo has had a fascination with art that continues today. Her compositions are largely people and animals, celebrating innocence and new life.

Working in oils, Rodo often uses a realistic style that mimics photography. Being an animal lover, she likes to paint pets and wildlife. Her oil pieces Pokey Possum and Marjaryasana clearly show her imagination. The inspiration behind the composition for Marjaryasana was the cat of a childhood friend and fellow animal lover, while Pokey Possum has a narrative of continual curiosity and persistence.

Rodo catches timeless fragments of life in her work whether it's the newness of a child discovering a flower or a new stage of life in her wedding commissions each piece is painted in detailed simplicity.

Rodo has conducted workshops in both Canada and the USA and though it did not support her financially, the joy of teaching made her feel confident in her ability to share the love of creating. The enthusiasm and patience from Rodo motivates the students to accomplish their artistic dreams.

In the future she hopes to delve further into using her certification as an art therapist to help people understand and harness the power of creativity to heal.

Her work has appeared in exhibitions and galleries at The Sovereign House, Og Gallery, Visual Arts Mississauga, Blue Too Art Gallery, Baron's Creek Vineyards, Hillsboro Art League Gallery, R-Town Art Gallery and numerous corridor shows at Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre.

Her acceptance into the Grapevine Art Project (GAP) has helped her receive international recognition around the country. She is a Board Member of The Oakville Arts Society, and a member of both Hillsboro Texas Art League and Allen Texas Art League.

Want to see more?

@cherylstinson98 (instagram)


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